About Elena

My career began in 1.998 in Barcelona, Spain, where I worked for three advertising agencies including Normas Comunicación, a really small boutique. My experience at Normas Comunicación was similar to the feeling that you get after watching a non box score film where it is difficult to understand the plot but you feel a lot of new sensations. If I had to name this “film” I would call it “how to survive in the jungle with city shoes”. Even though I was new to the advertising business, I was immediately thrown into the fire or jungle. This experience helped me build character and inner confidence. In Spain we call this type of situation “espabilarse”.

From there I went to work for Vives Comunicación. At Vives Comunicación it was like playing a role in an action movie, that sensation that a lot of things are happening very fast without little conversation or story line. I soon became the “jack of all trades” and was given the opportunity and responsibility to wear “different hats” including budgeting, production, product design, account management, supplier and vendor relationships to name a few. I spent two years there and it was a pivotal point in my career both from a skill and experience standpoint. Thanks to the work experience at Normas and Vives Comunicación, I was now prepared to assume greater responsibilities.

In 2.001 accepted an offer to work for D’Arcy (now Publicis). At D’Arcy figuratively speaking I learned what it meant to be an actress and to appreciate real cinema. In this “movie” each character had a role to play and was held accountable for their performance. Part of my responsibilities included managing the advertising relationships with brands like Evax (Procter and Gamble).

After a relevant performance at D’Arcy I moved to Madrid where I was hired by McCann-Erickson. At McCann I learned the concept of 360º Campaigns, which are multidisciplinary campaigns where several different types of communications are involved including television, online, public relations, promotions, relational and direct marketing. I spent nearly five interesting and rewarding years there working with outstanding professionals and leading great teams. I can honestly say that it was at McCann where I truly became and felt like an advertising professional.

And after working for 10 years in these advertising agencies and accumulating a valuable expertise in both international and local Spanish communicational strategies based on the renowned 360 brand stewardship, I have come to the conclusion that true integration of marketing techniques requires amassing knowledge of the digital channels and how business is done there. This acknowledgment has let me to dive deep into the digital world and start thinking CPM instead of GRP, social media integration instead of conventional media, Netview instead of Sofres, behavioral targeting instead of socio-demographical one, mobile screen instead of TV’s, long tail instead of critic mass and cookies instead of peanuts…

Now my passion and my future is digital. The infatuation with learning new techniques each day and the excitement with ideas, which are yet to be developed, have changed my state of mind. Therefore, my strength is a combination of traditional communication background with digital specialization, enabling me to optimize the marketing channels synergy and input my global vision.



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