Is Bluetooth push a kind of spam?

Not because a person has just decided to leave his/her bluetooth on, means that he/she is showing an interest on any message coming from any brand. Maybe he/she has it on because is sharing a song with his friend next to him or just because he/she has the habit to connect with his/her computer every morning and it is more convenient form him/her just to leave it on. So, being purist, I would say that the Mobile Association will not do any good to the industry by supporting and proposing the initiative of not considering the push Bluetooth practice as spam. I think this Association should be thinking about how to strength the mobile industry but always putting the focus on the user’s respect.

For me the solution is to make a pull of the push. I find brilliant many campaigns around the concept of “get closer to this poster and if you interact with it you’ll get a free coke”. This is great! but pls let people to decide if they want to participate or not, it is just not fair to receive ad messages in your most personal screen  just because you were passing by with the bluetooth on… Those shouldn’t be the criteria to start a conversation with a costumer.

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