Will video be king vs banners for online advertising?

Video clutter is a reality and this will have to be faced by advertisers but regarding the comparison with banners, in my opinion it won’t follow the same course. Why? because as I show in the following graph, users and brands desires on the Internet converge much more with video ads possibilities than with banner ads possibilities:

elena ibanez

From this point of view, video ads will always be a richer format vs banners, e.g. video ads are an easier way to consume content vs banners, video ads allow users to participate, banners don’t; video ads can go viral, banners don’t… And although it is true technological innovations will always bring a new feature for any digital format and this will keep on improving banners capabilities, video ads will always meet better users desires.

Regarding trends, I found this fabulous article mentioning 9 of them:
1. Paid Twitters
2. Co-branded: a combination of 2 advertisers working together, sharing costs and creating an advertisement that contains both companies brands.
3. Non-Standard – this works best for sites that like to create their own version of the clients ad to blend better with the site.
4. Micro Ads – advertising directories showing up and tonnes of competition with publishers to offer the cheapest price, e.g. www.crazyleafdesign.com/blog
5. Paid Reviews – more companies are looking for favourable reviews of their company and services, e.g. CenterNetworks
6. Blogger Branded – Zac Johnson
7. Integrated Ads – these ones again are not tradition ad units, but either the company’s logo or product built into the publishers site, e.g. SheKnows
8. Re-Skins – they are a great way to blend the brand with the site and way less obtrusive than takeovers, e.g. College Humor
9. Fixed Monthly rates – with CPM’s dropping through the floor, we will see more publisher in 2009 offering flat monthly rates. It also simplifies the purchase and speeds up the transaction, which is always a good thing.

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