Pringles “Can hands” campaign: banners can still be effective!

pringlesLast June, Pringles won a Gold Cyber Lion in Cannes Advertising Festival with its Pringles banner. As described in the entry, “Can Hands” is a rich media banner ad that shows a young, online audience how fun, eccentric -and even downright weird- life with Pringles can be. As the user clicks on the banner again and again, they go deeper and deeper into a story with surprises at every turn without ever leaving the ad.

What is amazing about this communication action is how the American agency Bridge Worldwide was able to create a successful advertising campaign that totally fits Pringles brand positioning (“Once you pop, you can’t stop”) JUST WITH A BANNER! In these new days of innovative formats, audiovisual campaigns and big online advertising projects, it is a pleasure to see how Pringles put into practice its concept and got “Once you click, you can’t stop” with this piece of work and on top of this, with no need of sending you to any web.

The biggest achievement from my point of view was to create a real product experience, leveraging its main benefits:

  1. Having fun: each time you have a Pringles you get a little and surprising pleasure, just the same experience you get when you click and keep clicking on the ad.
  2. Sharing: everybody wants to share their Pringles with their friends, just the same as when you see the ad: you laugh and send it to your friends.

The results were amazing: great data on clicks and time spent with the ad (more than 5 minutes), 100,000 visits to the staging server spike in just one day, a great virality effect (e.g. one person per minute twittering about the ad with 100% positive comments) and a real explosion after it won the award.

Isn’t it wonderful to have such an unpredictable, funny and long experience from a plain, little and static space as this banner? Congratulations and thank you for showing us how to still get great results with the “old” online formats.

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