Digital Advertising and the global crisis

We all seem to agree that this crisis is becoming a clear opportunity for the digital marketing industry. I will try to explain here one of the reasons I believe most: THE LEARNING OF THE MARKETING MANAGERS. Why?

It is obvious that Marketing Managers have been forced to reduce in the past year their marketing budgets affecting all their usual communication channels. TV is getting in Spain 43% of the total spend in media, nearly half of the total inversion and its decrease in 2.008 was about 11% (Source Infoadex). This means that a lot of Marketing Managers of our previous generation, let’s say, the “traditional” ones, are now facing for the first time the real need of communicating in other ways. Due to this crisis, they have been forced to recycle themselves and they are about to see that their outputs will be, at least the same or even better than before with less inversion. This is a fact: as you know, Internet is the only media that is increasing its volume, aprox 26% and the communication leaders of the main companies are already having experiences with the digital channels (Internet, mobile…) as an important media, and not only as little “must” of their integrated campaigns.

So, what will happen? In my opinion, when this crisis clears up, we will have more experienced marketing teams that will have realised:

1. That their “traditional” marketing plans were:

– expensive

– unidirectional

– hard to measure

2. That more weight given to their digital integration is delivering them:

– more segmentation

– more inexpensive budgets

– more measurable results

– more ROI

For me, this retraining of the people who is nowadays deciding in Spain which are the spending in Marketing and where are they taking place, is critical for the definitive evolution of the e-advertising. It is true that currently Internet spending is still only 8% of the total media spend, but this is exactly the opportunity for our industry to grow!

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