Obama’s digital campaign

My friend Borislav Kiprin made a brilliant analysis last week about the digital campaign Obama run for the U.S. Presidential elections. It is amazing how did this team build up the project: there were so many ideas put on that, so many different but consistent actions, for so many time… And I question myself: did affect the profile of the traditional democratic voter? I mean, if McCain would have spent the same amount of money and with the same qualitative approach, would had he obtained the same results among the republican profile? I would like to know it.
Another great point for me is that Obama launched this big conversational campaign in a very favourable context (hate to Bush, need of change) and it worked extremely well for this objective: to gain votes. But it had to come the day when Obama is no so popular any longer and people start making complains about him and his political decisions. That is a big challenge for the Obama’s Conversational Campaign, just when he starts being “human” and having trouble with people. And he has made it again! he has just open a new platform to give answers to the citizens. Yes, we can…

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3 respuestas a Obama’s digital campaign

  1. lean dijo:

    Emociona Elenita, te felicito

  2. matt dijo:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).


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