Is conversational marketing something new?

A few days ago we discussed in class about Conversational Marketing and read some interest stuff from Frog Design. We went through The Three Rules of the Cluetrain Manifesto and it made me thought about what’s new in all this…
Conversations: we have had them since the beginning of the human being because we have a relational nature. Here we have all kind of relations that the human being has, based or not on a profitable benefit: the commerce, the religion, the war, the politic, the family…
Marketing based on research: we have had it since the capitalism was not focused on production or selling anymore but on the knowledge of the consumer. Here we have the focus groups, the concept labs…
Conversational marketing: we have had it since the technology allowed us to do it. The actual term for “Conversational Marketing” is related –for me- to a high level of dialogue with the costumer that only technology allows. And we are not talking here only about internet, we also have CRM… But in all these cases, you need tech. You first need of course, a brilliant approach from the company to do it, this is the most important thing, but the driver is tech, and Web 2.0 was key.

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