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What about iGoogle

I’ve been reading lastly about iGoogle as a personalized searcher and although at the beginning, it seemed to me a step closer to a “portal” to compete with Yahoo, it seems like Google’s movement is going in another direction. It … Seguir leyendo

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Google’s black power

Today we have talking in class about Google’s success, and for me there are four main factors: 1. TECHNOLOGY Google has always developed the best technology, when the company was founded they already had a better technology than their big … Seguir leyendo

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Obama’s digital campaign

My friend Borislav Kiprin made a brilliant analysis last week about the digital campaign Obama run for the U.S. Presidential elections. It is amazing how did this team build up the project: there were so many ideas put on that, … Seguir leyendo

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Is conversational marketing something new?

A few days ago we discussed in class about Conversational Marketing and read some interest stuff from Frog Design. We went through The Three Rules of the Cluetrain Manifesto and it made me thought about what’s new in all this… … Seguir leyendo

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My relation with the digital world

My career began in 1.998 in Barcelona, Spain, where I worked for three advertising agencies including Normas Comunicación, a really small boutique. My experience at Normas Comunicación was similar to the feeling that you get after watching a non box … Seguir leyendo

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